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Curriculum Intent

At St George’s CE Primary School we value the importance of Science as a core subject and the role it plays in developing a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We believe that Science stimulates a child’s curiosity and equips them with fundamental life skills such as problem solving, team-work, resilience and respect of the world around them whilst supporting our vision of ‘life in all its fullness’.  Therefore we aim to provide a curriculum that develops the skills that children need to raise questions and find out answers. Planned repetition ensures that a range of scientific enquiry skills are fundamental in each year group.


At St George’s CE Primary School, in conjunction with the aims of the National Curriculum, our Science teaching offers opportunities to:

  • Stimulate children’s interesting and enjoyment in Science and to build on their enthusiasm and natural sense of wonder about the world.
  • To encourage and enable pupils to offer their own suggestions, and to be creative in their approach to Science.
  • Be equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of Science, today and for the future.
  • Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • To develop pupils working scientifically skills to deepen their scientific knowledge.
  • Enable children to develop their skills of co-operation through working with others.
  • Use a range of methods to communicate their scientific information and present it in a systematic, scientific manner, including I.C.T., diagrams, graphs and charts.
  • Help children to recognise and assess risks and hazards to themselves and to others when working with living things and materials and to take action to control them.


Science Skills Map